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after weeks of legal back and forth, the state's allowed to use a federal database to remove noncitizens from the voter rolls. critics say this process targets poor and minority voters. but florida's governor says it's going to help improve the election process. john zarrella reporting from miami. >> reporter: for months state of florida wrangling with the federal government over access to a federal database. now this federal database has lists of people who are in the country legally but not eligible to vote. well, over the weekend, florida and the department of homeland security finally arrived at an agreement which will allow florida access to that database so that it can go through and look for people in the state who probably shouldn't be on the voter rolls. now, governor rick scott said this morning on cnn that this was, in fact, an important step. >> i don't know anybody, any supervisor of election or anybody in the state thinks nonu.s. citizens ought to be voting our races. it's good for all of the citizens. >> reporter: officials will have to be trained on exactly how to use tha
fallen the building collapsing on the city's far south side. good afternoon everyone think for joining us today. >> skycam 9 was over the scene earlier. this happened and the west pullma neighborn code. fire officials rescued a man after they responded to a building collapse before 10:00 a.m. this morning. early reports indicate the roof did cave in there is no report of any other people inside of the building at the time of the collapse. upon arrival we got one person out of the building. we sent a ladder to the victim and then we had him brought to the hospital. >> three teenagers have been charged as adults and the brutal beating death of the 62 year-old man and the whole beating was videotaped and then posted to facebook. >> we are outside of the cook county criminal courts building where the three suspects are now appearing before judge. >> all three teenagers are in court today. the 16 year-old has been charged with first-degree murder and has been held without bail the 17 year-old and 18 year-old are both charged with first-degree murder and robbery. the attack on the 62 year-old
st reagan administration, taken a sizable advance, and there was something in her. she could not use --he first person singular pronoun was an enemy of jeanne's. she couldn't bring herself to do the sort of e mest veti, enge -- personal revelation into her million missouri and -- memoirs, and i talked too her trying to convince her, and she was like, i'd like too but i can't. ani sd,'lelp y doew a do a syllabus -- naive of me, work as an editor of your own life rather than a creator of your own life. so we went long like that for quite a number of conversations, andhell wna lyom hdo it, and after she died, i thought, this is the kind of promiseo keep. it's not as she herself said, a big life, but it's a very important life, and i did this book to keep her moryre >>os tt mp -- explains the title, boy r "the big little life." it's important to arabout the values shelash in the heartland. and she grew up in a socty where the values were very good, but whereir yom ot nessalyge get a four-year college degree or have a career. so if you could talk about her family background and the things
with a form on u.s. border security and ordered management strategies this afternoon right here on c-span. >> pandora personalize and that radio. >> panasonic has a wide range of products. >> you can think of it like a computer-controlled hot glue gun. >> a look at the latest in technology from a consumer electronics association technology fair on capitol hill tonight at 8:00 eastern on "the communicators appear "on c-span 2. >> the nation's governors gathered in williamsburg, virginia over the weekend for the national governors' association annual meeting. on saturday, the health and human services committee held an hour and a half session focusing on innovative strategies to improve health systems and lower medicaid costs. the governor of all i was serves as the committee chair with the governor of illinois serving as the vice chair. i believe every governor is interested in improving the service delivery which is providing ways to control the cost within the medicaid program. it is a program that has been demanding an increasing share of our overall state budgets are the last doze
of our country we call the bread basket, the section of the u.s. that feeds its share of the world, is burning up right now. the worst conditions they've seen since 1956. the governor of illinois says his state has never seen anything like this. he calls it a disaster of epic proportions. over one-third of the u.s. corn crop is in big trouble. over half the country is now affected. the problem is forecasters can't point to any rain on the way. it is where we begin this evening with nbc's kevin tibbles in walker, iowa tonight. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, this is corn country and it is parched. these would usually be fully formed ears of corn by now. in this state they're pretty much worthless. and farmers at the grain elevator behind me in walker say they know their yields are going to be way down this year. many are starting to wonder whether they'll get any crop in at all. many farmers are throwing up their hands and looking to the heavens. >> we've done all we can do and it's up to the good lord to supply the water and send it on time. >> reporter: more than half the
the standard of living for those on medicare and medicaid, rather than ask anything of the wealthiest among us. and by the way, i come from a wealthy state of delaware. i think has the highest per capita still. the wealthy in my state are as patriotic as caring as the poor. i have never seen any distinction between patriotism or generosity come from poor folk and the wealthy guy. but we are not asking anything of them. they are the only group in this entire recession we have not asked anything of. we launched two wars, one necessary, one not necessary. and on the way, the same time gave him multi-trillion dollars tax cut over the same period of time. i don't get it. and on top of maintaining the bush tax cut, and we want to maintain it for middle-class people, on top of that, and on top of what it will do to all the other benefits of seniors have, that they want to undo, the house republicans voted to repeal the health care law last week. let's not forget what that means. but they voted against. let me go back to taxes for just a second. there is the 800 billion that is set aside over here for
for bankruptcy. then, u.s. solicitor general donald verrilli. after that, live remarks by vice president biden on his assessment of the republican congressional budget and its impact on senior citizens. and later, the senate returns for work on a judicial nomination and a campaign finance bill known as the disclose act. .. >> good morning, everybody. and welcome to the joint convening of the energy and power subcommittee and the oversight investigation committee and i join my distinguished subcommittee chairman, mr. whitfield from kentucky, in convening this joint legislative hearing. we have two bills before the subcommittee. i will be addressing my opening statements to the no more solyndras act and then relinquishing the chair for the first panel to my colleague, mr. whitfield. and i yield myself four minutes for my opening statement. with chairman upton, i am a proud sponsor of the no more solyndra act. the act is the product of an 18-month investigation by the subcommittee on oversight and investigations. today marks a turning point in this investigation. we gather to consider a bill that
and then i was out pressing my advantage, using every tax loophole but because i know those better than anything, we are going to change the tax code because i should not be able to get a 15% marginal rate when most americans are at 28 or 33. by the way, even though, yes, i was investing in switzerland and parked money in the bahamas, we need to close those loopholes as well because folks like me shouldn't be able to take advantage of that stuff when most americans cannot. if mitt romney just came out and admitted it and said yeah, i did all of this stuff but because i did it, i am embarrassed about it. it's shameful we have been able to have the system corrupted for the last years and i am going to change it. if he came out that way, my republican friend says and i agree, he would get some credibility because he would be acknowledging the truth and he would say, we need to fix this. instead, he is trying to run away from it and it's not helping him. he is digging a hole deeper and deeper. by the way, speaking of digging a hole deeper, wait until on the other
by the american war department. frank capra was the director. this gives us a sense of the people. >> the pagan pageantry of leaders from all over germany -- hypnotized, they were members of a master race. this film will deal with at one of the nazi bid for power, the most fantastic claim in all recorded history. hitler had seen hirohito grab manchuria and other territory from the chinese. he had watched mussolini get away with the rape of ethiopia. he had seen the democratic world wither away while these aggressions were going on. and he smiled. collective action to enforce peace -- the only weapon they had had broken down. it was time for the nazis to start crossing borders. it was time for hitler to put his plan into action. >> you are right, on page 746, i will jump to the end -- you write, "he screamed, then collapsed in a chair." a different image of adolf hitler than we saw there. what happened at the end? >> hitler had been defying reality. he was in total denial, psychologically. he realized by 1944-1945 that the war would end in berlin. at that particular state, when he burst into tea
the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. eric boehlert rejoins us from media matters to finish up right-wing world. gretchen carlson, oh boy this is the -- i guess they got the fax from the romney camp. whatever happened to hope and change. it is all the president's fault. >> a lot of the criticism against this president is he hasn't been a unifying president and what people have been disappointed about he set himself up to be a unifying president. that's where the disappointment falls. when you heard about the logo of the campaign about hope and change and unification fits into that and inspiration fits into that. that's where some people are upset now. >> you know what would help? if the republican congress would actually do something and get off their ass! >> stephanie: they've been so helpful, eric. there is the president stubborn. >> particularly ironic for this outlet to be complaining about people not unifying behind obama. look for inauguration day on, the entire conservative apparatus and particularly
>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. >>> this morning we'll discuss the president's efforts to define his opponent. again the hot topic is mitt romney's tenure at bain capital. is his private sector experience his greatest strength or now a political weakness? with conflicting reports about exactly when romney left the company, the campaign's traded attacks about whether he was there when the firm began to outsource jobs, and whether romney was dishonest about his tenure. >> i think the times in the past are beneath the dignity of the presidency. i think the president needs to rein in his campaign and start talking about the real issues people care about. which relate to our economy. >> a new pretty negative turn in the campaign. so can romney clear the air about his bain record? we'll have more information about his personal finances and investment accounts and in the end is this what voters care about? with us senior adviser to the romney campaign, ed gillespie. then, the tax fight for the fall. will rates go up? and for whom? the president sets up
us now are governors from two of those states, rick scott of florida who comes to us from san francisco and terry brandstet from virginia. welcome to you both, gentlemen. let me start with the question that stirred so much interest at the end of the week which is a set of new possible waivers of the federal government of work requirements under welfare reform. this would appear on the service at least to be a case of the states getting more flexibility in how they administer the work requirements for receiving welfare benefits. let me start with you, governor, and how you see these waivers. some people are saying it will gut the law. >> well, unfortunately i think this is a huge step in the wrong direction. i was governor with tommy thompson from wisconsin and john an -- angler and we worked with bill clinton to get the well form -- welfare reform passed and it was a program based on job training and work, and we helped move millions of people off the welfare roles and into permanent employ meant. we reduced the cost of welfare and medicaid as a result of it. it was very succe
the constitution, applied taxes without using congress. and this. this statement right there, the most important thing he has ever said. you are not successful, because you work hard, because you risk your own capital because you hire people because you have innovation. cooperation, you are successful because the government has helped you. that man is a sadist. he believes the only reason that america is where we are because of government. he's flat-out wrong. >> kimberly: bob, the rhetoric sounds like he is running for president of venezuela. >> bob: put it in context. it didn't hear him say one thing in government. steve jobs and bill gates had help from parents and startup from other people. and banks that gave out loan for small business administration. $1 trillion to small brizs to get started -- small businesses to get started. >> eric: he didn't say banks. he said teachers, government -- i think everything but -- >> bob: i think what he is trying to say when you become successful you look back on the trail, i don't think anybody has been successful that does not look back and say i got he
instead of these maintenance of effort requirements that the federal government has imposed on us. >> governor, forgive me. >> they want to give us more flexibility, do it under medicaid. >> i am going to come to medicaid in a moment. let me turn to governor scott. governor, how do you see this adjustment in the federal government's rules on the work requirements for welfare? >> governor brandsted is right. it is great if they give us more on medicaid. i mean, with this, perm responsibility is very -- personal responsibility is very important. in our state the number of people on unemployment has gone from 568,000 to 321,000 and part is personal responsibility. people need to be going out and looking for a job. we don't want people to stay on welfare. we want them to get back to work. that's what governors want. we want our states busy with more jobs. >> governor, aren't you now in a position with the flexibility granted to you by the federal government to set the welfare to the work requirements pretty much how you want it done. >> we will look at this, but we will keep the respo
the highest tax rate of all of the industrialized countries. that makes us very uncompetitive. >> are you speaking about the olympics? are you concerned about our athletes wearing a uniforms that were made in china? >> again, i go back to -- let's don't politicize the olympics. let's look at why an american business felt it hood to buy those products, because they were cheaper than the ones he could make here. it's because of government policies here that make it more expensive to do business in the united states. >> so you're okay with ralph lauren? >> i'm not going to politicize it. i want to talk about the issue. the underlying issue is why did we make it so hard for american businesses to compete that they have to buy things from abroad? >> senator, go ahead. >> david, let me tell you, the bottom line is this, the outsourcing of jobs by bain capital to low-wage countries is an embarrassment to mitt romney and he's trying to distance himself from his own company that made millions of dollars for him. i would say to senator kyl, i hope that this week the senate republicans will join the
? with us senior adviser to the romney campaign, ed gillespie. then, the tax fight for the fall. will rates go up? and for whom? the president sets up a fight over the middle class. >> the fate of the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans will be decided by the outcome of the next election. my opponent will fight to keep them in place. i will fight -- >> a debate here this morning with two key senators, assistant democratic leader senator dick durbin of illinois and assistant republican senator jon kyl of arizona. and our political roundtable later, with insights and analysis, including the veepstakes for mr. romney. with us, republican strategist mike murphy. president of the naacp, ben jealous. anti-tax activist grover norquist. "washington post" associate editor bob woodward and democratic strategist hilary rosen. also this morning, a few minutes with bob costas of nbc sports, on the penn state sex abuse scandal. after this week's devastating report about who knew what, and when. >>> good morning. well you knew it was going to get nasty and here we are in this presidential fight. really
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)